A Guidebook to the Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of Southern England

By Andrew Wheeler

What Is The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook?

The Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is an e-book that can be read on all Apple and Android tablets and phones, and any PC or Apple desktop or laptop computer that can open a pdf file.

Who Is The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook For?

Although this guidebook is primarily meant for Americans who wish to travel to southern England to visit its crop circles and ancient sites, it can be used by anyone visiting this enigmatic and mysterious land.

Even though some Americans making the pilgrimage ‘across the pond’ to visit the crop circles and ancient sites of southern England are seasoned visitors, and have learnt by trial and error to find their way around, many are traveling for the first time, and tend to waste valuable time and money having to work things out for themselves, such as: where to stay, where to eat, how to get to places, how to find the crop circles, which way do I drive around a roundabout, and why is it, when we walk into an English pub and sit down, that nobody comes to serve us!?

The Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is the perfect companion for anyone who plans to be part of an organized tour, or for anyone who wants to go it alone.

The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook Is Packed Full Of Really Useful Information…

The Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is here to help not only Americans but also visitors from other countries. Readers who live Britain and in southern England in particular will also find this guidebook of great interest.

The Crop Circle Tourist is packed full of really useful information, such as: British geography and history, London, Tourist Information Centers, transportation, where to go and what to see, dining out, tours, conferences and other interesting places to visit. It will also let you know when the shops are open and when they are likely to be closed, where are the best places to park and what all the road signs mean, what you need to know when going into a crop circle, where to find the best information on accommodations, what to ask for if you need a restroom, what is the best form of currency to bring with you, and most importantly, a handy translation guide to common words and phrases that mean different things in Britain than they do in the U.S.

Hopefully, this guidebook will enable you to maximize your visit to southern England, so that you do not waste time and money on costly mistakes, such as bringing across dollars or euros instead of British pounds, not knowing the proper protocol when entering a farmer’s field to view a crop circle (and getting arrested for trespassing), and most importantly, not being left sitting in a pub waiting to be served, only to realize too late that the pub stopped serving food five minutes ago, and that you should have ordered at the bar when you first walked in!

What’s In The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook…

As mentioned above, the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is packed full of really useful information.

Here is what you will find:

A Little Geography
Where exactly are you going? This may seem obvious until you have read this chapter.
A Brief History
From the first settlers to the Neolithic peoples, the Romans, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, the industrial revolution and beyond.
Currency And Banking
What currency to bring, accepted credit cards, exchange rates, and an explanation of all those strange notes (bills) and coins you will find in your pocket.
Weights And Measures
Metric, imperial, or both?
The Weather
Always a topic of conversation in Britain. What to expect all year round.
Common Translations
Winston Churchill once said that Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language” – here I try to translate some common words and phrases.
Arriving In Britain
How to get from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports to the crop circles and ancient sites.
Things Are Different Here
An explanation of some of the differences you will come across when in Britain.
How to get about by car, bus and train.
Driving In Britain
Roundabouts, types of roads, road signs and markings, traffic lights and everything you need to know.
A quick guide to the main attractions.
The English Countryside
The rest of Britain, not including London.
The Area Of Wessex
Where you will be going to see some of the most sophisticated crop circles and some of the most famous and mysterious ancient sites in the world.
Where To Stay
Camping, self-catering or bed and breakfast and where to find them.
Shopping For Food
Grocery stores – where to find them and when they are open.
General Shopping
Where to go to get the best deals and how you can save on paying that dreaded Value Added Tax (VAT).
Dining Out
Fish and chips, fast food, pub food, coffee shops and tea rooms, cafes, garden centers (yes garden centers) and restaurants.
Tourist Information Centers
Very useful places to find information on the area you are visiting. Find maps, guide books, leaflets, local tour guides, accommodation and travel information.
Tours And Tour Guides
Information on a few of the organized tours based in the U.S.
Telephones And The Internet
Making phone calls, calling back to the U.S., and where to find access to the Internet.
Crop Circles
What are they, how are they created, scientific analysis, where to find them, and the rules you need to know when you walk into one.
Ancient Sites
A comprehensive list of the ancient sites of southern England, including a few you may not know about.
A couple of the crop circle conferences you may wish to attend during your visit.
Other Places To Visit
Ancient forests and beautiful gardens, to romantic castles and stately homes.
A small list of useful resources.

A Trouble Free Visit to the Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of Southern England…

I hope I have put enough information into the Crop Circle Tourist to enable you to have a trouble free visit to Britain. Whether you are going to see the crop circles and ancient sites, or just touring the beautiful countryside, you will find this guidebook invaluable.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the information in the Crop Circle Tourist is correct; however, mistakes can happen. The Crop Circle Tourist is only meant as a guide, and it would be advisable for you to double check any information in it that you really intend to rely on during your trip. If you do find an inaccurate fact, or something which is out of date or misleading, please feel free to let me know, so that it can be corrected and/or updated for the next edition, thanks!

Wishing you a safe and trouble free journey…

Andrew Wheeler.

How To Purchase and Download the Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook – please read before placing your order

As mentioned at the top of this page, the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is available as an e-book in pdf file format. It can be read on all Apple and Android tablets and phones. It can also be read on any PC or Apple desktop or laptop computer. This means that once you have it on your mobile device you can read it anywhere, even whilst you are in the middle of a crop circle. You can also read the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook without the need to have access to the Internet, although you will need to have online access to view any website link contained in the guide.

To purchase and download the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook, click once on the “Purchase” button below. The button will then change to a “Checkout” button. Click the “Checkout” button once to be taken to the payment page.

You will notice your order and payment will be processed by PayPal and your payment will go to the PayPal account of andrewwheeler@juno.com. You will be given the option of paying from your PayPal balance or bank account by signing into your PayPal account, or by paying with your debit or credit card. You are not required to have an account with PayPal to pay with your debit or credit card.

Once you have made your payment you will be emailed a purchase receipt that will include a link to download the ebook. This email will have my name, Andrew Wheeler, in the subject line. You may also be sent a second receipt from PayPal. As mentioned, the link in the email receipt will enable you to download the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook to your computer from where you can and sync it to your smartphone and /or tablet for reading. If you are not sure how to do this refer to the instructions that came with your device. You can also read it from your computer if you wish.

Unfortunately, the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook is not yet available for Kindle book readers.

Crop Circle Tourist


Crop Circle Tourist

If you are unhappy with the Crop Circle Tourist guidebook for any reason please send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your payment in full.



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