Profile Picture 063016 (160x160)My name is Andrew Wheeler, and for many years I lived in the city of Salisbury, my hometown, in southern England. Salisbury is just eight miles south of the world famous ancient site of Stonehenge, and just on the southern edge of the most prolific area of crop circle occurrences in the world.

I presently live with my American wife, Doe, in Colorado, USA. Since the summer of 1995, when we first met at the Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium, we have been interested and involved with the crop circle phenomenon, particularly between the years of 1996 and 2005. During that time, we spent many a summer, conducting small crop circle and ancient site tours, selling crop circle tee-shirts (amongst many other things) at all the major crop circle conferences in the south of England, as well as visiting and photographing this mysterious enigma.

During this time, I came to realize that many Americans also travel to southern England to view the yearly crop circles, and to visit the mysterious sites of this ancient land, and perhaps a guide book would allow them to not waste valuable time and money having to work things out for themselves, such as where to stay, where to eat, what to see, how to get to places, and especially important, how to find the crop circles.

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