General Shopping

In most towns and cities you will find a myriad of stores, both large and small, selling all kinds of items. You will find, in places such as Salisbury, many souvenir, craft and charity stores, which are generally quite good for value.

Many ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral will have their own souvenir shops. If you travel to Avebury Stone Circle have a look in the Henge Store, which is full of books on all kinds of related subjects, as well as post cards, maps, stones, crystals, jewelry and clothing. If you are into  New Age items then Glastonbury is the place to do your shopping. Glastonbury is about forty-five miles west of the Stonehenge, as is known for its links to King Arthur and the Isle of Avalon.

If you are looking for top quality branded goods at discount prices, check out the Wilton Shopping Village in Wilton, or Clarks Village in Street, Somerset.

Wilton is a small town just 3 miles west of Salisbury and is one of the ancient capitals of Wessex. Its shopping village is on the site of the former Wilton Carpet Factory and has a number of factory outlet stores, mostly selling clothes, fabrics and souvenirs. It also has a restaurant and coffee shop.

Clarks Village is on the site of the former Clarks Shoe Factory in the town of Street, just two miles south-west of Glastonbury. It is larger than the Wilton Shopping Village and has a wider variety of factory outlet stores, including a Clarks Shoe Store and even a shoe museum, should you be interested.

If you are a non European Union Citizen then look out for the Tax Free Shopping signs displayed in many stores. This is a scheme whereby you can claim back the VAT paid on purchases. There are certain restrictions that apply, such as you have to spend a certain amount in the same store, and you have to declare it at customs as you leave the country, in order to get your refund. Always ask, if you are shopping for anything of value, say over twenty five pounds, and where VAT is applicable. You may save yourself a few pounds.